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      State of the Map 2018 is taking place from July 28th to 30th 2018 in Milan, Italy. We have created an exciting program with you—the OpenStreetMap community. For the duration of the conference, we have space set aside that can be booked by groups of mutual interest, or used without prior planning.

      • July 28th: conference begins with a keynote speech, followed by a day of presentations, workshops and an evening social event
      • July 29th: day 2 of more presentations and workshops covering the latest topics of OpenStreetMap. Plus a whole track of academic talks selected by our scientific committee.
      • July 30th: the final day continues to ask big questions, and culminates with the annual OSM Awards in the closing session

      There will be plenty of breakout rooms throughout for discussions, code, documentation sprints, mapping and workshops.


      De Donato S.0.2 S.1.5 no recording
      9:00 Registration / Coffee / Tea
      9:30 Welcome
      10:00 keynote OpenStreetMap—Now and into the Future
      Kate Chapman, Heather Leson
      10:30 Can we validate every change on OSM?
      Lukas Martinelli (Mapbox)
      Making Maps Without Database
      Thomas Skowron
      11:00 Break
      11:30 Interpreting Imagery for OpenStreetMap
      Chad Blevins
      OpenMapTiles: Vector tiles from OpenStreetMap
      Petr Pridal, Jiri Komarek (Klokan Technologies)
      Qt to create OSM-based apps
      Paolo Angelelli (The Qt Company)
      12:00 Advertising mapping : using OpenStreepMap for the protection of landscape
      Paul Desgranges (Grenoble (France) group of OSM contributors)
      Large Scale Deep Learning for Map Making
      Alina Negreanu and Bogdan Gliga (Telenav)
      workshop Field Mapping tools & technologies
      Paul Uithol (Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team)
      12:30 An excursion in to the world of OSM tagging presets
      Simon Poole
      How Deep Learning could help to improve OSM Data Quality ?
      Olivier Courtin (DataPink)
      13:00 Lunch
      14:00 Photo
      14:10 Addressing addresses
      Sarah Hoffmann
      The Belgian perspective to building OpenStreetMap community
      Ben Abelshausen, Joost Schouppe (OpenStreetMap Belgium)
      Lightning Talks 1
      14:40 2, 4, 6, 8, Here's How We Interpolate
      Julian Simioni (
      A new approach to garner prolific contribution in OpenStreetMap
      Kshitiz Khanal (Kathmandu Living Labs,)
      workshop The LWG Presents: GDPR Implementation for OSM
      Kathleen Lu (Legal/Licensing Working Group)
      15:10 OsmAnd making live maps update
      Victor Shcherb (OsmAnd)
      Building up the Microsoft Open Maps Team
      Oisin Herriott (Microsoft)
      15:40 Break
      16:10 Lies, damned lies, and OSM statistics
      Frederik Ramm
      Verifying Our Edits
      Bogdan Petrea and Armin Gheorghina (Telenav)
      Corporate Cartography: How the sausage gets made
      Paul Norman
      16:40 An innovative approach to support OSM data generation
      Emanuela Mihut (Phd Student (West University of Timisoara, Romania))
      Mapping Competition with Focus on Quality: Lesson Learned
      Yantisa Akhadi (Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team)
      workshop Open Gender Monologues
      Heather Leson
      17:10 Pinpointing the power grid
      Sajjad Anwar (Development Seed)
      Improving OSMCha for the community
      Wille Marcel Lima Malheiro
      17:40 Get involved in the OpenStreetMap Foundation
      until 18:30
      Gregory Marler and the OSMF Working Groups
      19:30 Social Event at Old Fashion Milano


      De Donato S.0.2 S.1.3 S.1.5 no recording
      9:30 Alternative perspectives through artistic interpretations
      Sebastian Meier / Hans Hack (Maptime & Vislab / Hans Hack)
      What's up with the public transport
      Ilya Zverev (MAPS.ME)
      Coordinating improved communication between the academic and OpenStreetMap communities
      Peter Mooney, Joost Schouppe, Frank Ostermann
      10:00 Lightning Talks 2 Network for transport open data
      Céline Jacquin (World Resources Institute)
      Surveying OSM contributors: Learning from the community
      Zoe Gardner, Peter Mooney
      Thematic mapping with emojis
      Erik Escoffier (Satellite Studio)
      10:30 Lightning Talks 3 Solving vehicle routing problems with OpenStreetMap and VROOM
      Julien Coupey (VERSO)
      Slum health mapping as catalyst for a collaborative agenda for research, practice, local citizens and volunteers
      Jo?o Porto de Albuquerque, Godwin Yeboah, Vangelis Pitidis, Philipp Ulbrich
      OpenStreetMap My Business
      Stefan Keller (HSR Geometa Lab)
      11:00 Break
      11:30 OSM and the European agenda
      Vlado Cetl (European Commission Joint Research Centre)
      The use of OSM in public transport in Helsinki Finland
      Markku Huotari (Helsinki Region Transport (HSL))
      Human-Centered Data Science and OpenStreetMap: Contributor-Centric OpenStreetMap Analysis Infrastructure
      Jennings Anderson
      Some Location Intelligence from OSM
      Jaak Laineste (CARTO)
      12:00 panel Sustainability of OSM Mapping Projects
      Erica Hagen (GFDRR/World Bank)
      Printing OSM Maps
      Hartmut Holzgraefe
      Intrinsic assessment of the temporal accuracy, up-to-dateness, lineage and thematic accuracy of OpenStreetMap
      Francesco Frassinelli, Marco Minghini, Maria Antonia Brovelli
      workshop Humans and Machines Mapping Together
      Sajjad Anwar (Development Seed)
      12:30 Comprehensive OpenStreetMap History Data Analyses- for and with the OSM community
      Michael Auer, Melanie Eckle, Sascha Fendrich, Fabian Kowatsch, Sabrina Marx, Martin Raifer, Moritz Schott, Rafael Troilo, Alexander Zipf
      13:00 Lunch
      14:00 panel The road towards diversity in OSM still needs to be mapped
      Celine Jacquin (Geochicas)
      Pathao: Navigating with OSM in Bangladesh while Community blends in with Corporate
      Tasauf A Baki Billah (OSMBD, BHOOT, Pathao)
      2D and 3D Visualization of OSM data
      Candan Eylül Kilsedar, Jakub Balhar, Maria Antonia Brovelli, Patrick Hogan
      workshop Exploring OSM's history using the "ohsome" data analysis platform
      Martin Raifer, Rafael Troilo and Fabian Kowatsch (HeiGIT / Heidelberg University)
      14:30 Flying ferries and moving pavements? Pedestrian routing on rare modes of transport
      Guillaume Rischard
      Investigating the OSM mapping process after disasters: OsmEventAnalyst and its application for the 2016 Italian earthquakes
      Luca Delucchi, Marco Minghini
      15:00 Lightning Talks 4 Privacy aware city navigation with CityZen app
      Redon Skikuli (CityZen app (
      Areas-of-Interest for OpenStreetMap with Big Spatial Data Analytics
      Stefan Keller
      IT backend of the OpenStreetMap community
      15:30 Break
      16:00 A tale of two (mapping) cities
      Alsino Skowronnek, Michele Ferretti (Maptime)
      Lightning Talks 5 Potential and limitation of using OSM data for the creation/validation of Land Use/Cover maps
      Cidália C. Fonte
      discussion An OSM embassey—a community-driven non-profit mapping agency
      Ben Abelshausen (OpenStreetMap Belgium)
      16:30 OSM Community Grants: sharing experiences
      Rebecca Firth (Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team)
      Lightning Talks 6 The challenges and issues associated with a natural resource mapping framework based upon OpenStreetMap
      Chris Emberson, Chris Hill, Gemma Gubbins, Andrew Harfoot
      workshop Navigation Mapping Workshop
      Kajari Ghosh (Mapbox)
      17:00 Working with the Community
      Ryan Peterson (Apple, Inc.) no recording
      Lightning Talks 7 Using OpenStreetMap to model bicycle traffic in an agent-based transport simulation
      Dominik Ziemke, Simon Metzler


      De Donato S.0.2 S.1.5 no recording
      9:30 Completing the Map with Street-level Imagery
      Christopher Beddow (Mapillary)
      Road Completion in Belgium - Mapping & verifying *all* the roads.
      Ben Abelshausen (OSM Belgium)
      Lightning Talks 8
      10:00 Pic4Review : fun OSM editing based on street pictures
      Adrien Pavie (Entrepreneur in geomatics)
      Going to Production with OpenStreeetMap at Microsoft
      Jubal Harpster (Microsoft)
      workshop Building your OSM web app in minutes with vector tiles
      Lukas Martinelli and Jinal Foflia (Mapbox)
      10:30 Form & Map based Mobile OSM Tool for Field Survey and Validation
      Kuo-Yu slayer Chuang (GeoThings Inc.)
      Switch2OSM: A real enterprise context case study.
      Andrea Capata (
      11:00 Break
      11:30 The new Wheelmap: Joining forces in accessibility mapping – feat.: “I Wheel Share”
      Svenja Heinecke (Sozialhelden e.V.)
      Making bot edits safe and acceptable
      Yuri Astrakhan (Elastic)
      panel OpenStreetMap and the future of transport
      Michele Ferretti
      12:00 Modding the OSM Data Model
      Jochen Topf
      Robot Tracers - Extraction and Classification at scale using & CNTK
      Nikola Trifunovic (Microsoft)
      12:30 Energy efficient routing with OSM
      Arndt Brenschede
      Reaching out to vulnerable communities in Turkey: BINA project
      Attracting students with Google Summer of Code
      Tobias Knerr (none)
      13:00 Lunch
      14:00 openrouteservice - route the world dynamically
      Nils Nolde (University of Heidelberg)
      OSM enabled urban mobility services for the city of Yangon (Myanmar)
      Roberta Castelli (5T srl)
      workshop Present and Future of the OSM data model from the Overpass API perspective
      Roland Olbricht
      14:30 Routing on rails with OpenStreetMap
      Michael Reichert
      Community Mapping for Refugees in Uganda
      Geoffrey Kateregga (MapUganda)
      15:00 Break
      15:30 OSM at Facebook
      Drishtie Patel (Facebook)
      DRONEBIRDs are go!
      Taichi FURUHASHI (Aoyama Gakuin University )
      Lightning Talks 9
      16:00 Indonesia Road Mapping: Challenges and Opportunities
      Wulansari Khairunisa (Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Indonesia)
      3D Beyond Buildings
      Tobias Knerr
      Lightning Talks 10
      16:30 Closing and OSM Awards ceremony
      SotM Working Group (OSM Foundation)
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